September 14, 2019

Saturday Training

at Pelham Road Baptist Church, Family Life Center
1108 Pelham Road, Greenville.
Sign In 8:00-8:30 a.m.
Training 8:30-2:00 p.m.

Bring your own lunch and drinks, paper and pen, and please bring your membership receipt.

You will select a morning session and an afternoon session upon arrival by going to the assigned classrooms.

Jenn Moon Adams:  2.5 Hours  Curriculum

Process vs. Product

Participants will explore the learning and development that occurs for children in a “process” versus “product” learning environment.


Andrea Cureton:  2.5 Hours  Growth & Development

Responsive Caregiving as an Effective Practice to Support Children’s Social and Emotional Development

This session will provide the opportunity for participants to have a clear and accurate understanding of supporting the child socially and emotionally and be able to apply social and emotional teaching strategies to the child’s needs.


Palmetto Shared Services Alliance:  Susan Kear       2.5 Hours Child Guidance

What Do I Do When Children Do That?

Participants will look at challenging behavior in the classroom to seek ways to change the environment and expectations of the adults. Participants will learn methods, ideas, and transitions to try on Monday!

Jan Peterson:  2.5 Hours Curriculum
Physical Activity:  Infant & Toddler Musical Exercise

During the infancy and toddler years is the time the brain is developing pathways and connections to the muscles. Exercise is important for infants and toddlers as it will help strengthen brain and muscle connections that make physical activity easier and more enjoyable. The physical activity will strengthen muscles and bones and helps develop coordination and movement skills. If children enjoy exercise at a very young age they will be more active as adults. Come discover musical ways to enhance physical activity of the very young.

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