October 5, 2019

Saturday Training

at Pelham Road Baptist Church, Family Life Center
1108 Pelham Road, Greenville.
Sign In 8:00-8:30 a.m.
Training 8:30-2:00 p.m.

Bring your own lunch and drinks, paper and pen, and please bring your membership receipt.

You will select a morning session and an afternoon session upon arrival by going to the assigned classrooms.

Ella Sumter:  2.5 Hours Child Guidance

Character Traits in Early Childhood Education

Participants will be able to understand and teach early learners character traits that will be connected to their daily experiences in their classrooms and community as well as identify 10-character traits that are important for early learners to enhance positive interactions and relationships consistently and responsively to their daily needs.


Veronica Reed:  2.5 Hours  Growth & Development

Temperament: Born to Be Different

How well do children’s temperaments fit in your classroom setting, how will children with temperament problems be received by others in your setting? Sometimes they are predictable, calm, and approachable and other times children are difficult, not able to manage their emotions. To understand children’s temperament, you must understand your own. In this training, you will identify the temperament qualities that affect children of any age, and how temperament plays a significant role in understanding child development.


Andrea Cureton:  2.5 Hours Curriculum

Curriculum Modification & Adaptations to Support Children’s Individualized Needs

This session will provide participants the opportunity to learn what is curriculum modification, and how to maximize a child’s participation in planned activities, interactions, and routines through 8 general types of curriculum modifications.

Jan Peterson:  2.5 Hours Curriculum

Physical Activity – Brain Smart Moves

Certain movements help children to increase alertness and boost the ability to learn. Spinning, crossing the midline, turning, twisting, breathing and balancing are a few ways children boost brain growth. Plus songs and slow music can promote relaxation so stress will decrease and memory will be enhanced. Come join in Brain Smart moves.

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