Greenville County Childcare Association Building Block Award


GCCA Building Block Monthly Award Recipient:  $25 Gift Card


GCCA Building Block Teacher of the Year Award Recipient:  $100 Gift Card


  1. A current member of Greenville County Childcare Association (GCCA)

  2. A current teacher of infants, toddlers, twos, or preschool children


Application Process:
  1. Complete Online Application

  2. Attach two letters of recommendation

    • Nominations for Center Based Teachers must include: 

      • One letter of recommendation from the Director of the Center where currently employed  - 250 words per letter maximum

      • One letter of recommendation from a parent or colleague – 250 words per letter maximum

    • Nominations for a Family Home Provider must include: 

      • Two letters of recommendation from parents or colleagues – 250 words per letter maximum

  3. Application and letters of recommendation must be submitted online by the 2nd Thursday of each month to be eligible for the Selection Process

  4. Award will be announced and presented by the 30th of each month

  5. A new application must be submitted each month for the Monthly Award

  6. Teacher of the Year will be selected from those awarded the Monthly Award during the year, August through February this year

  7. The GCCA Building Block Teacher of the Year Award will be awarded at the annual GCCA conference in March


Selection Process:
  1. Application and letters will be reviewed by the GCCA Board composed of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chairman, and  Program Chairman at the monthly GCCA Board Meetings.

  2. Teachers who are nominated should strive to promote all the Building Blocks of early learning such as literacy, social and emotional development, physical development, and cognitive development in the areas of science, math, dramatic play, art, sand and water, and music.

  3. All applications and letters will be evaluated to make sure that the teacher being nominated is meeting the demands and daily challenges of the early childhood education profession.



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